If you are reading this (of course you are, what else would you be doing here?), I just want to say thank you! Of all the blogs you could be reading on the internet, you are reading mine, and that means the world to me!

My name is Christiana Nicole and I am a 25 year old Los Angeles native living in Savannah, Georgia. I spent my entire first 24 years of life in sunny gorgeous Southern California. What brought me to Savannah you ask? Well that's a long story I promise I'll share on the blog

Hello hello!

I own a digital marketing business that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses create meaningful online presence through artful design– aka social media management, brand and website design. After a seven year career in fashion, I never imagined this is the direction my career would take but I couldn't imagine it any other way and am so grateful. 

Why a blog now? Well, I have always dreamed of being a writer. As a kid: the writer of a book. As an adult: the writer of a blog. Although I had never had any plans to actually do so. For one, I could never decide on a name. Silly I know, but that really was the hardest part for so long - more on that later. 

I have always wanted to be that person with journals filled with thoughts, memories, and reflections, but it never worked for me. I found the words flowed much more easily as I typed at my desktop or in the notes app in my iPhone.

After moving 2500 miles away from all my family and friends earlier this year, I started writing about my adventures in a new city on the opposite side of the country, sharing my thoughts and experiences on Instagram with photos of my travels. That worked great until the captions I drafted in the notes app on my phone ended up being twice the character limit and would no longer fit in an Instagram caption. 

I realized what started as captions turned into something more like diary entries, very therapeutic, but not ideal for the 'gram. For some time now, I've been searching for a way to digitally scrapbook (10-year-old Christiana adored scrapbooking) and this feels like the perfect way to do both of those things.

So here we are! 

This letter has gotten long, and barely covers the tip of the iceberg of what I want to say but I will leave the rest for future blog posts. This blog is a way for me to share my adventures with family and friends and have a creative outlet outside of my career. I'll be writing about my love of travel, lifestyle, and whatever else comes to mind. This outlet really is for me more than anyone else, but I hope you enjoy reading it!


Coming up with a name really was incredibly challenging and is what held me back from starting it for a long time. I have such a hard time choosing names, it feels like so much pressure! When I started my business, I contemplated my business name for weeks until I decided to just use my own name. Deciding on this name was even more difficult.

I went through so many variations of the phrase "she goes" and nothing felt right. I thought about "Christiana on the go", so much so that I have a keychain with the phrase on it along with two symbols - a palm tree for my hometown of LA and a peach for my new home state of Georgia. 

As I was working through a list of potential names I had brainstormed, I started humming (like I always do), and the song by the La's "There She Goes" popped into my head. 

As a 90's kid, The Parent Trap was a staple in our house growing up and I have always loved the soundtrack of that movie which includes this song. 

There She Goes Again just felt right!

the meaning behind the name



You'll find me writing about exploring my new city Savannah, weekend road trips around the South, my favorite places you have to visit in California, and all of the other travels along the way.

Places to stay, eat, and sights to see.


Books, Movies, and TV

You'll soon learn how much I love these forms of media. One of the reasons I love them is because of the way they can transport you to another place, and sometimes another time. I'll marry them with my love of travel, like travel guides to places that are known for the movies, TV shows, or books that take place there. 



There is much more to me than what you've read here. I'll occasionally get deeper into thoughts from the heart about life experiences, reflections, dreams, faith, and more. 


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